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Following World War II, collecting firearms became a popular trend, especially antique cartridge firearms. American arms have become one of the fastest growing collectables since the 1950s.
The prices for antique guns have risen over time due to the lack of supply. Prices also vary depending on what is in popular demand. For instance, certain manufacturers, like Colt and Winchester Repeating Arms Company, are highly sought after.
The valuation process of guns begins with the make or model, which is most important to individuals who collect based on specialization. When building a collection of modern or antique firearms, buyers gravitate toward the quality of a maker’s products, the role a make or model has played in history, or the “aura of romance” surrounding a particular manufacturer. Other factors considered include its condition, provenance, rarity, and artistic appeal. Some firearms are prized more as art pieces for their fine engravings.
As gun and firearm values, market research, and publications grow, so too will collectors’ interest. Some antique firearms can sell for as high as six-figure prices, suggesting that this younger collecting interest has a bright and certain future.

Die meisten Waffen aus dieser Kategorie können ausschliesslich gegen Vorlage einer kantonalen Ausnahmebewilligung für Art. 5 WG erworben werden.

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