Accuracy International

Accuracy International was formed in 1978 to design and build tactical rifles.
The original design ethos combined two factors into a unique package. Namely the incorporation of performance enhancing features learned in Olympic and international target shooting onto a platform exhibiting full military ruggedness.
The current designs faithfully follow this original concept, but also benefit from over twenty years of continuous improvement.
These improvements are not cosmetic, but are driven solely by the needs of the users, highly trained military and police units in over 60 countries worldwide. Such units are exposed to ‘live’ tactical situations on a daily basis and in the most demanding environments where first shot accuracy is critical.
The rifles are produced in a purpose built 20,000sq. ft. facility in the UK, operating a management system certified to BS EN ISO9001:2008. All components are manufactured to Accuracy International’s designs to ensure that they
are optimized for the function they must perform, something that cannot be achieved with a ruggedized-sporting weapon.
The AXMC sniper rifle is an evolution, which builds on Accuracy International’s established family of highly successful AW rifles.

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