5.11 Appendix IWB Holster

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Internal Waist Band (IWB) concealed carry holsters are popular with law enforcement and covert specialists around the country, and the 5.11® IWB Appendix Holster offers superior performance and lightweight comfort in any environment. Built in partnership with Blade-Tech® and Viking Tactics®, the Appendix carry holster is designed to ensure high speed access and a secure fit that won’t ride up during periods of high activity. Crafted from a heat and oil resistant high impact polymer, the 5.11 Appendix Holster can be worn front or back and offers an integrated light clip for secure storage of your tactical light.


  • Quick and comfortable IWB holster
  • Fast draw, secure carry
  • Engineered by Blade-Tech®
  • Field Tested by Viking Tactics®


  • Heat and oil resistant high impact polymer
  • Can be worn front or back
  • Integrated tactical light clip