Holster BLADE-TECH KLIPT IWB Holster – Rechtshand

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The Klipt Holster is a no nonsense, every day of the week concealed carry holster. The slim, discreet design of the Klipt holster spares the bulkiness but packs features that keep you comfortable and confident. A high sweat guard keeps your firearm off your body, preventing discomfort from moisture or slide serrations. The easy on / easy off belt clip keeps your holster secure on your belt until you’re ready to remove it and the built-in retention keeps your firearm securely in place.

Skip the nonsense and get a holster meant to make you Carry Confident.


Easy On / Easy Off 1.5″ Belt Clip

Keeps your holster secure on belts up to 1.5″ until you’re ready to remove it.

Precision Molded Design

Produced with high strength, heat resistant polymer in the USA. Precision molded for a superior fit.

Positive Lock Trigger Guard

Provides tactile feedback to let you know your firearm is secure.

Full-Length Sweat Guard

Prevents discomfort from sweat as well as sharp edges on the firearm.

Built-In Retention

Designed to hold your firearm securely with no adjustment needed.