Magazinhalter BLADE-TECH SIGNATURE Double Mag Pouch DMP

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The Signature Double Mag Pouch was designed to withstand hard use from duty to competition. Built to provide a reliable method for carrying magazines, the Signature Double Mag Pouch can be run on a multitude of belt sizes and configurations. With adjustable retention and flared lips you’ll be able to tailor the draw to your preference as well as magazine type.


Flared Lip

Allows for smooth reholstering and clears space for quick draws.

Ambidextrous Design

Can be used with left-hand or right-handed shooters.

Adjustable Retention

Adjustable retention screw and rubber spacer ensure that you can tailor your retention to preference.

Precision Molded Design

Produced with high strength, heat resistant polymer in the USA. Precision molded for a superior fit.

What’s Included

  • 1x Signature Double Mag Pouch
  • 1x ASR Attachment


  • 1x Signature Double Mag Pouch
  • 1x Tek-Lok Attachment