Pistole Mauser/Krieghoff P.08 „kü“, Kaliber 9mmPara – Zustand 1

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This is a very scarce example of a late WWII production Luger as manufactured by the Mauser factory with the scarce 41/42 code markings that has the Luftwaffe acceptance proofs. It is speculated that these „Kü“ marked Lugers were actually a very late 1944 order for the Luftwaffe that was assembled by the Krieghoff factory using left over, or substandard Luger parts from the Mauser factory. It is estimated that a total quantity of 2300 pieces were produced in three different groups with this serial number range and markings in the second group. This example has the „41“ date on top of the chamber area with „42“ the wartime code for the Mauser factory on the front toggle. The right side of the barrel extension has a partial Krieghoff Eagle/LA Luftwaffe acceptance proof. The left side of the barrel extension has the small „kü“ proof added to  the serial number (2232Kü). This pistol is complete with two magazines with the „fxo/WaA 37/P08“ marked, milled magazine body with a serialized aluminum base. In addition to the pistol is a black leather holster in very good shape. The holster ist marked on the backside „jme/1942/Eagle/WaA/14“


Excellent with the original salty finish with wear on the edges and high spots, with thinning and loss on the grip straps and stock lug area. The grips are in good condition. This example has all matching numbers.