Stichweste PPSS NIJ Level III (Stab & Spike) Cell Extraction Vest

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PPSS have now taken their body armour to the next level and developed the ‘NIJ 0101.05 Level III (Stab + Spike) Cell Extraction Vest’. This groundbreaking product has been specially designed to protect officers from some of the most hostile, brutal, vicious and irrational human beings on this planet… many of which have taken other human lives in some of the most horrendous manners.

PPSS have liaised with Correctional Emergency Response Teams (CERT) and other serving Correctional and Prison Officers to develop the ultimate body armour… to deal with incidents, riots, cell extractions, mass searches, or disturbances in prisons.

Grösse Brustumfang Bauchumfang Länge
S 86-91cm 84.5cm 32cm
M 96-101cm 90.5cm 33cm
L 106-111cm 96.5cm 34cm
XL 116-121cm 102.5cm 35cm
2XL 127-132cm 108.5cm 37cm
3XL 132-134cm 114.5cm 39cm
4XL 134-137cm 120.5cm 41cm