Laser/Illuminator ATPIAL (AN/PEQ-15A) – Steiner DBAL-A2 – Surplus neuwertig

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Wavelength Visible Red Laser 635 nm
Wavelength IR Laser 835 nm
Wavelength IR Illuminator 835 nm
Beam Divergence Visible Red <0.8 mRad
Beam Divergence IR Laser<0.8 mRad
Beam Divergence IR Illuminator1 – 195 mRad
Range/Visibility (Night/Day) Visible Red Laser 250 m / 5 m
Range/Visibility (Night/Day) IR Laser 1000 m
Range/Visibility (Night/Day) IR Illuminator 1000 m
Temperature -10° C to +65° C
Battery 2x CR 123 A
Battery Life (mode dependent) 3 Hours
Material Aircraft Aluminum
Weight (with battery) 227 g
Dimensions 8.89 x 6.98 x 4.04 cm
Waterproof Submersible to 5 m
Mount QD HT Mount
Windage and Elevation Adjustment Yes
Activation Switch Integrated Push Button